2022/23 Season Guidelines

To all Clubs,

Welcome back for the 2022/23 Travel and Recreational Soccer Season.

For the 2022/23 Season we are going to continue with our field requirements having our players and respective spectators on the same side of the field. We are requiring all clubs to do this as it helps our HVSRA Referees in case of spectator issues. We are asking clubs to be diligent on assisting the referees with our ENY State mandated Zero-Tolerance policy controlling the spectators and promoting good sportsmanship with out players.

WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! EHYSL is a league of over 10,000 players and if each player has 2 spectators we are quickly responsible for 30,000+ people enjoying soccer on a weekend. It only takes one incident at one game to adversely impact all 10,000 of our players. We ask all clubs to do the best they can, be diligent and work together to make this fall season safe and successful for our players.

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