Game Operating Procedures

The joint committee of EHYSL and HVSRA reviewed the return to play for amateur soccer recommendations and requirements currently (as of August 31, 2020, published by the: New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), United States Soccer Federation (USSF), Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA), Eastern New York Soccer Referee Association (ENYSRA) and produced the EHYSL/HVSRA Health and Safety protocols for return to play. The committee reserves the right to amend these requirements upon revisions to the above referenced documentation.

EHYSL has a zero tolerance policy to protect our players, coaches, referees, and spectators. EHYSL expects that all participants will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike professional manner and promote the enjoyment of the game benefitting our players.


Taunting will not be allowed. If a player or coach is caught taunting another player, coach, referee or fan they will be issued an immediate Red Card. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their fans and if a team’s fans taunt their opponents the coach shall receive a red card for the fans behavior. The terms of their suspension will be determined by the League Arbitrator.

FOUL & ABUSIVE LANGUAGE (including Racial Comments)

Foul and Abusive Language including Racial comments or gestures will not be tolerated. If a player or coach is caught using foul and abusive language, making racial comments or inappropriate gestures to another player, coach, referee or fan they will be issued an immediate Red Card. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their fans and if a team’s fans use foul or abusive language or make racial comments about their opponents the coach shall receive a red card for the fans behavior. The terms of their suspension will be determined by the League Arbitrator.

No team will be accepted for seeding unless they have enough players registered prior to the seeding meeting. For developmental teams (U8, U9, U10 & U11) the required minimum number is 9 players and for full sided teams (U12 and older) the minimum number of registered players is 11.

There are laws in New York State regarding Goal Safety. The law recommends holding the goals down with at least two stakes or ground-gripping anchors while in use. The guidelines also call for the goals to only be placed on flat surfaces, and for sandbags to be used if the net is on artificial turf or another surface where stakes can’t be used
If goals are not properly anchored the game will be cancelled and the home team will be charged with a forfeit. It will be the responsibility of the referee to determine if the goals are secure. The referee is the one who will decide if the game is to be cancelled.

Update Beginning 2017-2018 Season

U9 & U102-25 Minute Halves6x18 or 7x21L - 65 max / 55 min W - 45 max / 35 min6 + K16#4
U11 & U122-30 Minute Halves6x18 or 7x21L - 80 max / 70 min W - 50 max / 40 min8 + K18#4
U13 & U142-35 Minute Halves8x24L - 130 max / 100 min W - 80 max / 50 min10 + K22#5
U15 & U162-40 Minute Halves8x24L - 130 max / 100 min W - 80 max / 50 min10 + K22#5
U17 - U192-45 Minute Halves8x24L - 130 max / 100 min W - 80 max / 50 min10 + K22#5
Teams may now dress ALL rostered players for games.
Field Sizes are based on Federation Guidelines per Laws #1 – Field of Play
Revised June 2017

Coaches must have the original copy of each player’s registration/medical form with them at each practice and game.

All players on a team must wear the same uniform (except the goalkeeper who should wear a different color from both teams) and be neatly attired with shirts tucked in and socks pulled up.

A. Shin guards are mandatory.
B. All teams should have an alternate jersey at the ready.
C. In case of conflict the Home Team must change.

Line-up cards and Player Passes must be submitted to the referee 15 minutes before game time. No player will be allowed to play without a valid Player Pass.

Coaches should print out one sheet of line-up cards for each game from the league website. Line-up cards must be printed from the TSI System. You can access these by going to the East Hudson website and click on the Schedules link. You will be provided with a username and password by the system and you will use these to log into the system. Once you log in Under Coach, on the top right you will see Print Game Card. This is reflective of the LAST APPROVED roster for your team.

The center larger line-up is for the referee and the narrower copies are for the team coaches. Separate the copies and present all copies to the referee. At the end of the game the referee will retain one copy of each (the larger is for the referee to submit with his/her referee report and each coach will be given a copy of the small line up cards for both the home and away team. Coaches are responsible submitting the game cards to the League office within 7 days of the game.

With the exception of club pass players, coaches should NOT be adding players to this list. Players sitting out a game for a previous infraction should be removed from that week's game cards. In the case of team “no-show” where one or both coaches are present, the line-up cards must be completed by those present and submitted to the League office.


No more than 3 players can be used by a borrowing team in a club-pass situation per game.

Upon club approval, teams will allow their players to play in any division higher than their team within their age group, or up one age group in any division within the same club. If there is no team one age group higher within the club, the player may play up two age groups based on the player’s birthdate. (Ex. A 2010 player playing on a 2009 team cannot play on a 2007 team even if there is no 2008).

  • Players may not be loaned to or borrowed from other clubs for league play. Only players on a team currently participating in EHYSL games are eligible. Players in other leagues (EDP, WYSL, US Club, etc.) are eligible only if they also play on a team with scheduled East Hudson league games within the current season.
  • U15 are eligible for all High School age groups within their division or higher. U09 and U10 players within the single "competitive" division (typically B) cannot be borrowed on regional teams within their age group, but are eligible for any division one age group higher.


For a weekend game:

  • A club-pass request form will be filled out by the borrowing team, signed by a club official and the team of record
  • The form for Club Passes is located on the EHYSL website under the Forms page.
  • The form must be submitted to the league office, by Friday at noon Eastern Time via fax, email, or in person.
  • The league office will file the paperwork in case there is a post-match dispute. There will not be an approval process with the East Hudson office.

For a mid-week game:

  • The request form must be submitted to the league office with the appropriate signatures, at least 24 hours prior to the match.


  • Club-pass request players will be hand written on the roster sheets for the game.
  • Upon check-in for the game, the lineup sheet, the player’s East Hudson league pass, and a copy of the signed club pass form will be submitted to the referee.
  • Notification given to the opposing coach prior to the start of the game.

All divisions have unlimited substitutions at the referee’s digression and with their permission. All substitutions must be made from the center mark and again, only with the referee’s permission.

This does not eliminate the requirement that each player plays at least a half game in all divisions other than Division I.

A coach MAY substitute a player who has received a caution (yellow card) before play restarts.

Coaches, using your user ID and password, each team is required to log in after the game and report game scores. Every team should report both Home and Away Scores each week.

  • Any games that have been postponed or forfeited should be reported to your Age Group Coordinator prior to the game.
  • Scores for weekend games must be reported on either Sunday evening or by the Monday following the game by noon.
  • All makeup games must be reported the next business day by noon.
  • A $5 fine per game is assessable for failure to report game scores promptly.

It is important to note the following:

The system automatically checks off each of your players anticipating that they will be at the game. If you have a game score where YOUR score is greater than zero, you must do one of two things – either assign the goals to the appropriate players OR uncheck all players on your team.

One of the purposes of the League is to promote good sportsmanship. When teams are mismatched, coaches should consider various score limiting techniques. The League has passed a new By-Law to help control this.

By-Law XII – Rules of Play
K - Excessive Goal Differential-7 Goals
No goal differential in excess of 7 goals is acceptable.
If any team exceeds a Seven (7) goal differential the following will occur:

  • 1st Offense - warning to coach and club
  • 2nd Offense - one game suspension for the coach and $100
  • 3rd Offense - three game suspension to coach and $200 fine to club
  • 4th Offense - six month suspension to the coach and $500 fine to club

A written signed notice must be presented to the referee and opposing coach at the field (it may be written on the line-up card). For a protest involving field conditions, this notice must be presented at halftime to the referee. See the League By-Laws for subsequent steps in the protest procedure.

The forfeiting team must notify the other team as early as possible. The Home Team must immediately notify the Age Group Coordinator, Referee Assignor and/or referee assigned to the game. In addition, the forfeiting team is subject to paying the normal referee fee if the Referee Assignor does not receive notification by Wednesday night before the scheduled game. The Home Team must call the score (3-0) in to the League office and both teams must submit a signed line-up card denoting the forfeiture.

A. Any forfeit will result in a $100 fine to the forfeiting club for the first forfeit of the season.

B. A second or subsequent forfeit will result in a $250 fine to the forfeiting club.

Games must be played within 2 weeks of the originally scheduled game. If not, the Age Group Coordinator will pick 4 alternative dates to make up the game. These alternative dates can include neutral fields selected by the Age Group Coordinator if a field is not available for either the Home or Away club.

C. Any no-show with less than 24 hours notice, other than a club wide postponement, will result in the following fines to the club:

First Offense $250 fine
Second Offense $500

D. Any game that is abandoned by either side shall be deemed the same as a no-show for fine purposes.

E. If a coach abandon's his/her game in the middle of the match, that coach shall sustain a minimum 2-game suspension.

Any team that forfeits in any of the above scenarios may be disqualified from trophy competition and not be eligible for the Dinner Of Champions if so deemed.

After the schedule has been published, any wholesale changes by a club in scheduled fields, time or date, written notice by the club must be given to all teams involved before the changes become effective. In emergency situations, (less than 72 hours) both coaches involved in a change must contact the Age Group Coordinator to verify the change and the Age Group Coordinator must notify the Referee Assignor.


In the event of a last minute emergency change of field, the Home Team must consider providing persons at the original site to escort the visiting team and referee to the new field in order to guard against forfeit.

For any reason, other than inclement weather and/or if the referee declares the field unplayable, a rescheduled game must be played before the originally scheduled date. Postponements are permitted only when caused by severe weather or adverse field conditions. Lack of sufficient team personnel, coach unavailability, or attendance at a tournament does not justify a postponement.


In the event of severe weather or adverse field conditions, a club may decide to postpone all scheduled home games for a particular day.

In this case, the individual coaches do not request approval. Instead, the Club President or Travel Director must notify the Age Group Coordinators, Referee Assignor, and all the visiting club presidents or designated travel team contacts. This must all be done before 9:00 am (unless the first effected game is before noon in which case a minimum of 2 hours notice is required.

The club presidents or travel directors are responsible for notifying the individual coaches and Division 2 and 3 referees within their own club.


When certain games must be postponed because of field or weather conditions worsen during the day and the field owner or referee decides the games will not be played, the Home Team must report fully on the situation during the Monday score call-in time period.


If a game is suspended by weather or darkness and can not be resumed on that day, it shall be declared official only if more than half a game is played. The result at that point shall be the official result. If the game is not an official result, it shall be re-played in its entirety from the beginning.


Make-up games, due to inclement weather or unplayable field conditions, must be scheduled so that they are played within two weeks of the original date. The make-up date should not be left to the last day of the two-week period in case of bad weather. It is the Home Team’s responsibility to arrange the make-up. Both coaches must notify their Age Group Coordinator of the agreed upon date and time within 3 (three) days of the originally scheduled game.

If coaches do not contact their Age Group Coordinator within the two-week period to reschedule a game, their team may be given a forfeit.

If the two teams fail to agree on the make-up date and time, the Age Group Coordinator will choose the date and time. The Home Team must notify the Age Group Coordinator of this need within 3 days of the original date. Once the make-up date and time has been established, it is the Home Team’s responsibility to arrange for the field and request a referee from their Age Group Coordinator. Coaches are NOT to call the Referee Assignor directly.

After a scheduled make-up has been played, the Home Team (or appropriate person in the Home Team club) must call the score in and send line-up cards to the league office as normally required.

For the 2020-2021 Season, the technical areas for the Home and Away teams will be on opposite sides of the field. Each technical area will be located mid-field along the touch line and be sufficiently sized for coaches, team officials, players, and substitutes to remain socially distant. Teams and Coaches should remain in the technical area during matches. The Home and Away spectators area will be located on the same side of the field as their team's technical area.

If a team delays the start of game by more than 15 minutes by being late or, in the case of the team providing the field, does not have the field playable (e.g. lack of corner flags, proper nets or lines), the offending team may be subject to forfeit 3-0.

If an assigned referee fails to show, the League office must be notified when the scores are called in. The two teams may agree on a substitute who must officiate the complete game (no splitting the job). If the agreed upon substitute is a relative of a player or coach of either team, both coaches must agree, in writing, to this arrangement before the game.

Once the substitute referee starts the game, he/she cannot be replaced even if the assigned referee shows up late. The substitute referee shall receive the current HVSRA payment schedule.

For Division I play, the Home Team is responsible for paying the referee prior to the referee checking in the Home Team’s line-up cards and equipment. The Hudson Valley Soccer Referee Association fee schedule is as follows:

Fall Play is for Seeding Only.

There will be NO Championships awarded for Fall Play.

  • In a Division of 5 or 6 teams ALL games count. You play each team twice in a 10 weeks season.
  • In a Division of 7 or 8 you are scheduled for a full ten week season BUT only the first 7 scheduled weeks of play are used to determine division Champions. This allows each team to play each other once for standings purposes but gives the teams the opportunity to maximize the number of games they play.
  • In a Division of 9 or 10 teams ALL games count. You play each team once in a 9 week season.

The Eastern New York State Cup takes priority over League games. However, teams involved must try to play the league scheduled game before the original date. Make sure that both coaches advise the Age Group Coordinator.

If an East Hudson team is the Home Team for a State Cup game, that game must be played on Saturday unless there are extenuating circumstances.

US Soccer is recommending, and Eastern New York is immediately requiring, new rules as it relates to heading, as follows:

  • Players in Under-11 programs and younger shall not engage in heading, either in practices or in games. Referees have been instructed by US Soccer of the following rule addition in these age groups:

When a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect kick shall be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If a player does not deliberately head the ball, then play should continue.

  • Limited heading in practice for players Under-12 and Under 13 programs. More specifically, these players shall be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes of heading training per week, with no more than 15-20 headers per player, per week.

Clubs should be aware of circumstances in which individual consideration is needed. For example:

  • A 10 year-old playing at Under-12 should not head the ball at all.
  • An 11 or 12 year-old playing at Under 14 should abide by the heading restrictions in practice
  • Referees should enforce these restrictions by age group according to the specified rules. Referees will not be assessing the age of individual players on the field; they will enforce the rules for the age group.

Leagues and organizations are free to set their own standards, as long as the minimum requirements outlined above are met.

ENYYSA Concussion Protocol
The following is effective Jan 1, 2016:

US Soccer Player Safety Campaign – Tournaments – Concussions

If you run a tournament that is 2 days or more, in length, with more than 64 teams older than Under 10, it is recommended that your tournament have a MD, DO, or Athletic Trainer, who is certified in concussions, available for diagnosis of the player.

Substitution Rules for Players Suspected of having a concussion in a League or Club based tournament

If a player is suspected of having a concussion, by the referees, team official, or league officials, the player will be withdrawn from the game immediately.

That player’s card will be retained by the referee with a notation made on the line-up card. A notification of possible concussion form will be completed. The player’s card will be sent by the tournament director to the league office where the player is registered, along with the notification of possible concussion form, immediately after the tournament.

Once the league office receives a medical clearance from a Health Care Professional (MD, DO, or athletic trainer who is certified in concussions) the player pass should be mailed back to the coach via express mail, within 24 hours, with a copy of the correspondence to the parents.

Substitution Rules for Players Suspected of having a concussion in a League Match

If a player is suspected of having a concussion, by the referees, team officials, or league officials, the player will be withdrawn from the game immediately.

That player’s card will be retained by the referee. A notation made on the line-up card, and that card and player pass sent to the League office, along with the notification of possible concussion form, immediately after the game.

Once the league receives a medical clearance from a Health Care Professional (MD, DO, or athletic trainer who is certified in concussions) the player pass should be mailed back to the coach via express mail, on the next business day, with a copy of the correspondence to the parents.

For the 2020-2021 Season all EHYSL clubs will be using the guidelines for field layout to provide for Social Distancing. 

  • Build out line is used to denote where offside offenses can be called. Players cannot be penalized for an offense between the halfway line and the build out line. Players can be penalized for an offside between the build out line and the goal line.
  • The opposing team must move behind the build out line in the following situations:
    • Goal Kicks
    • When the goalkeeper has possession of the ball with their hands.

6 seconds begins once opposing team is behind build out line.

  • Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw, or roll the ball into play.
    • Punts and drop kicks are no longer permitted - penalty is indirect Free Kick from the spot of the infraction – if the infraction occurs in goal area, an indirect Free Kick is taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement has occurred.
  • The opposing team may cross the build out line when:
    • the goalkeeper passes, throws, or rolls the ball into play with his/her hands to a teammate who then touches the ball.
    • on a Goal Kick when the ball has left the penalty area and has been touched by a teammate of the goalkeeper.
    • the goalkeeper in possession of the ball with his/her hands drops the ball to the ground then touches it with his/her feet.
  • An Indirect Free Kick will be awarded to the opposing team if:
    o the Goalkeeper drops the ball to the ground and does not touch it with their feet within 6 seconds
    o the Goalkeeper releases the ball from their hands and the receiving player chooses not to touch the ball in 6 seconds.
  • The goalkeeper may release the ball into play prior to the opposing team reaching the build out line (quick restart). The opposing team may challenge for the ball once the ball has either:
    • been touched by a teammate of the goalkeeper; or
    • goalkeeper has dropped the ball and touched it with his/her feet.
  • If opposing team crosses the build out line before:
    o Goal Kick – Retake Goal Kick
    o Goalkeeper Possession – Indirect Free Kick
      • Inside Penalty Area – Opposing team may not cross build out line until the ball leaves the penalty area and is touched by a teammate of the goalkeeper. If the ball does not leave penalty area, the kick is retaken.
      • Outside Penalty Area – Opposing team may not cross build out line until the ball is kicked and then touched by a teammate of the goalkeeper.


  • Goals should be no smaller than 6.5 feet (height) x 18.5 (width) or larger than 7 feet (height) x 21 feet (width).


  • 7 v 7 (6 field players and 1 goalkeeper)
  • Game may not start or continue if there are less than 5 players on the field for a team


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