Fall 2020 Return to Play Requirements

To all Clubs,

EHYSL and HVSRA have worked together to create a joint Health and Safety protocol for the start of the season. Guidance has been in constant flux from varying sources and organizations. We went through all of the various guidance that was published from USYS, ENYYSA, NYS DoH and other back to play regulations and summarized it into one document outlining the expectations for clubs and referees during game day.

These protocols are not unique to EHYSL – most are from the NYS Gov mandates and return to play. While the document is 10 pages – it is far less than the 50+ pages of guidance we took them from. Of the 10 pages – 5 of the pages are for Clubs – the other 5 are for Referees. This is so both Clubs and Referees know what each is responsible for on game day.

WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! EHYSL is a league of over 10,000 players and if each player has 2 spectators we are quickly responsible for 30,000+ people enjoying soccer on a weekend. It only takes one incident at one game to adversely impact all 10,000 of our players. We ask all clubs to do the best they can, be diligent and work together to make this fall season safe and successful for our players.

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